Brand new donut to blow your mind

We’ve baked every item from the core of our heart to serve you

We are here to listen from you deliver exellence by any means

This mini donuts bring a new taste to you. We always baking on open time and we make a decoration also live, like on workshop. You can be sure, our donuts are always fresh.

Category of available items

They are baking celebrities in their own right.

'Simple' mini donuts

simple mini donuts with powdered sugar, cinammon sugar or cacao-sugar

Glazed mini donuts

crunchy glazed mini donuts - rainbow happyness

Individual collection

choose your favorite mini donuts and make a lovely day or night

No added sugar donuts

We sell also donuts with low carb and no added sugar, Only 1% carbonhydrate!

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Brand new donuts to blow your mind

We’ve made a life
that will change you

Enjoy our Client’s Review

Who are in extremely love with mini donuts.

Usually i do not like the sweet dessert, but my daughter eat donuts in every week. I tased without anything, and the simple

Love at the first bite. I always think about donuts, and my life is changed from the first bite. I know, I want to eat every weekend mini donuts with strawberry toppings. I can offer for every event too.

A long time ago we take a breakfast on the public market in Antwerpen. The dessert no have to other, only mini donut. We like the suggestion of week and we are always satisfied.